OSAS Makes Gains For Members

Over the years the Detroit Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors (OSAS) has been a strong voice fighting for better compensation, defending members who have had unfair action taken against them and improving working conditions. These action help keep outstanding school leaders in this community who help in the education of Detroit students.

"The large gains in money for administrators and supervisors is the number one win we have been able to make over the past few years," according to OSAS Debbie Louis-Ake. "It hasn't been easy because of our city has been in crisis and there have been state leaders who don't value our work. However, we have made great gains in contract language since the Emergency Managers left Detroit. Our future look better every day."

Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • Maintained seniority rights and layoffs protection.
  • Offered legal assistance for school-based administrators who are named as a defendant for actions taken by them.
  • Bargained for six additional off days for the central office. We were able to negotiate central office staff an additional 6 days of time off. The previous contract was 9 paid holidays and 25 vacation days. They now have 9 paid holidays, and 19 days that the schools are closed (staff now have the 2 weeks during Christmas break, Winter break, and Spring break off). This means they do not have to worry about vacation being approved. They also receive 12 vacations.
  • Language to prevent loss of vacation time. There has been a problem with members losing vacation time because they can only roll over 12 days. We got contract language this year that gives the member the right to schedule a meeting with their administrator if they are unable to get approved for vacation
  • Members must be compensated for additional work above their pay grade given to them longer than 6 weeks because of the absence of a superior. Members have been assigned additional duties without compensation. The district has been in no hurry to replace staff as long as they have someone who is getting the work done. We got the language to force the district to recognize they must pay.  Employees Designated as Acting (District) a. No individual may be designated as "acting" or "temporary" for more than 180 calendar days. Upon expiration of that period the individual shall be displaced with a permanent employee or shall be designated as a permanent employee. The person may not be replaced with another "acting" or "temporary" employee. This section shall not apply to a person designated as acting or temporary to replace an employee whose position is vacant because the incumbent employee is on a time-limited leave of absence. Persons designated as "acting" or "temporary" for more than 28 calendar days shall be paid the minimum salary/wage of the classification/new position to which they are assigned. Any request for such wage/salary adjustment must be made within 30 working days of the individual first assuming the duties of the absent bargaining unit member. b. An employee is considered "acting" if they have been assigned to a position, but the appointment has not been presented to and approved by the board of education. c. A person who fails to perform satisfactorily in the acting position may be removed. 
  • The ability to convert personal illness days into personal days. Personal days do not require approval. Members can convert 5 personal illness days into personal days. Previously members had 3 personal emergency days and 2 personal business days. They now have 5 personal business days. They do not have to be approved. Members can use them individually or consecutively. They of course should not use them if they applied for a vacation and have been denied.