The union is holding firm on financial and needed contract proposals. We are confident that we will be able to reach a fair and equitable agreement with the district. 

The union has been in negotiations. In the first session, the district provided a financial offer. The union countered that proposal. We provided the district with contract language proposals before the next session. The district wanted to clarify what the union was asking for but had no counters to our proposals. The union had a meeting with our attorney prior to August 28, 2023.  Our 10 proposals were discussed. Our attorney made it very clear that wage determination was a priority.
The salary ranges and the lack of steps are impacting members who are performing like work.  Members can have large salary ranges between each other. The union is demanding that the district explain how wage determinations are done. We are asking that the district be responsible for ensuring, to the extent possible, that wages are consistent within department and job classifications. It is the objective to ensure that wage rates are not disparate among employees with similar responsibilities.
We have presented other proposals for advanced degrees, vacation banks, and vacation clarified, personal improvement plans, employee assault, new employee orientations, removal of discipline records, web content manager, and unit justification on why a position is not a union position.