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 Welcome to the new PayPal account for bi-weekly deduction of dues

You can pay through PayPal or Subscribe with a credit/debit card

If you have not joined yet follow the instructions below:

Signup Instructions. 

Go to osasdetroit.org

Click on the tab pay on payday. Third tab from the left.

There is a chart with pay levels. Identify the level and click on the subscribe button of your level.

It will take you to the next page. If you are paying by credit card or debit card click subscribe on the left side. If you are paying through PayPal then click it.

If you are paying by debit or credit card the next page will say PayPal guest checkout. Just fill out the form. At the bottom, they will ask if you want a PayPal account. Make sure to unclick unless you really want one.

Please send me your personal email address so I can login you in to the Member's only tab once you have subscribed to dues deductions. Send to debbie.ake@gmail.com

Level  1:          45,000 to 49,999         $23.75

Level  2:          50,000 to 54,999         $26.25

Level  3:          55,000 to 59,999         $28.75

Level  4:          60,000 to 64,999         $31.25

Level  5:          65,000 to 69,999         $33.75

Level  6:          70,000 to 74,999         $36.25

Level  7:          75,000 to 79,999         $38.75

Level  8:          80,000 to 84,999         $41.25

Level  9:          85,000 to 89,999         $43.75

Level 10:         90,000 to 94,999         $46.25

Level 11: 95,000 to 99,999     $48.75


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