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June 20, 2017ALERT FOR AEAs and DEANs!!!

The last day of work for the 2016-2017 academic year is:

        Monday, June 26 for Academic Engagement Administrators, and Wednesday, June 28 for Deans.


November 7, 2016

Members of the Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors voted overwhelmingly to ratify the 2016-2017 Tentative Agreement reached with the Detroit Public Schools Community District, covering July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. 

The DPSCD-OSAS agreement provides a bonus for all members, to be paid before December 25, and the switch to new providers for our healthcare and prescription drug coverage (Blue Care Network and Employee Health Insurance Management, respectively).  

DPSCD will distribute open enrollment materials and schedule informational meetings to provide specifics relative to these changes.


October 24, 2016

Message from President Louis-Ake

If you are paying dues you can:

  • Attend Meetings.
  • Vote on Contracts and anything that requires a Membership vote.
  • You will receive a password soon to the Members Only tab on the website.
  • You will receive newsletters and mailed communications from the Union.

I will be releasing a list of non-dues paying members. These names are members that I have not been able to contact. There are various reasons some are not paying:

  • They still think the District is deducting dues because they have not checked their pay stub.
  • They had difficulty signing up and need help.
  • They think they signed up for automatic deductions but clicked the pay now button and made a one-time payment. 
  • They are a new member and the District has not notified us so we can reach out to the member.
  • Their address or work location has changed and we are unable to reach them.

Everyone I have been able to reach out to is willing to pay dues except 4 members. I will be posting their names soon so you can see who the freeloaders are who are going to benefit from our dues and negotiations. They see no value in the Union. They would prefer to be at-will employees with no protections. As one of them said, "I'll take my chances." BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS THEY WILL BENEFIT FROM EVERYTHING THE UNION DOES. 

We need everyone paying dues to cover the cost of attorney fees for grievances and contract negotiations. You can see dues are a small amount. 

I am not a full-time president. I am also a Program Supervisor in Specialized Student Services. The Union does not have to pay my salary and benefits back to the District.  We have 2 part-time clericals and an office in the New Center. The Officers and the Executive Board made the decision to run the Union and Union Office on as little money as we can so we can bank funds for attorney fees and court cost. 

We have filed a Unfair Labor Practice and an Arbitration case over seniority language of the contract not being followed. 

We are a small union who could become very powerful because we manage almost every department in the District. This is the time we have to stay in communication. The District will continue to change. The elected School Board members and the EAA schools are coming back. 

Please contact the Union Office or me if you have any questions. 


I need contact information for every AEA and Dean. I have been informed the EDP is being combined with a Rubic without Union notification. The Rubic lowers your score and that score is reported to the State. Email me your location, personal email and a phone number I can reach you at.  debbie.ake@gmail.com

The AEAs received lay-off notices in June. The District tried to use MERIT SCORES to call back AEAs. The Union worked for 3 weeks to get the lay-off overturned. The District was unable to use the score for recall but they are reporting the score. We need all AEAs and Deans to pay Union dues so we can fight the evaluation system they are using. If you are willing to help reach out to AEAs and Deans who have not begun to pay dues please contact me for a list of non-payers. I am also trying to confirm if the District placed new AEAs without informing the Union of them. If you know of someone new please provide us with their contact information. 

Action Required to Ensure your State Evaluation Data is Accurate. Please read the PDF below for instructions on how to check what the District has reported. 

Action Required - State Evaluation Data.pdf

Click on the link below for page by page instructions



Each member who is going to remain a dues paying member should click on Join the Union link and follow the 4 step directions. You may set-up your auto deduction of dues through a checking account, debit card or credit card. Please share with other members and ask them to do the same. Members only have to sign up once. The dues amount will only change if a member's salary goes up or down. You will not receive a bill. The payment is an auto deduction. The withdrawal schedule will follow the District's payroll schedule for 26 weeks. Below is a table listing the dues amounts.

 1 35,000-40,000  $18.75
 2 40,001-45,000  $21.25
 3 45,001-50,000  $23.75
 4 50,001-55,000  $26.25
 5 55,001-60,000  $28.75
 6 60,001-65,000  $31.25
 7 65,001-70,000  $33.75
 8 70,001-75,000  $36.25
 9 75,001-80,000  $38.75
 10 80,001-85,000  $41.25
 11 85,001-90,000  $43.75
 12 90,001-95,000  $46.25

Billhighway is a secure website who specializes in dues collections. All your financial information is retained in Billhighway. The Union does not have access to your personal financial information. 

Each member needs to update their demographic information. This information will be used to send only OSAS Union news or business. The information will not be given to a 3rd party for advertisement. Please make sure to add a personal email account. You will soon be sent a login and password for the member only portion of the website for dues paying members. Only dues paying members will have access to this page and receive information from the Union. Dues paying members will retain the rights to vote and attend meetings. 

Please email me any OSAS member's personal email that you have or forward this email to them. Do not use a DPS email account.  We need everyone's help to reach out to all members to sign up.

Call Billhighway at 866-245-5499 if you are having any login difficulties.

Please call me if you have questions. 734-657-1132 or email me at debbie.ake@gmail.com

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